Testimonial #36

Customer: Male from Australia
Program: 15-day pottery making in Seto
Message from our customer:
I couldn’t have had a better time at Kasen studio in Seto.It is a busy, working, professional, pottery, specialising in hand made wares. I could observe all the operations and study all aspects of the process.While I could throw pottery, I made it a challenge for myself to make pottery working with the wheel rotating in the Japanese direction, clockwise. I could also observe the techniques of the Sensei and the assistants and learn about making pottery, decorating, glazing and firing kilns.

The accommodation, a self contained apartment, was excellent. I liked to take long walks in the neighbourhood, exploring the many potteries of Akazu-cho and also wandering off to the nearby countryside. I could also take a bus down town, although there were many times when Sensei took myself and the other visitor to the supermarket and to other places.

Many, many, thanks to all at Kasen.

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