Testimonial #37

Customer: Female from Canada
Program: 29-day pottery making in Tajimi
Message from our customer:
I believe this is a great experience for anyone interested in ceramics and Japanese culture. Tajimi is a wonderful town, located in heart of Mino-ware, which means there is a lot to see and do. The HO-CA studio not only has a great living space for foreigners, but also a great studio to work in. Shibata-Sensei is very accommodating and makes sure he teaches you what you want to learn, not only in throwing but as well as in other aspects of the ceramic process. The studio ladies are also great people. Every lunch time was a fun time at the studio, which is when everyone gets together to drink tea, talk and share different snacks.

I also enjoyed biking around the town to the many sites in Tajimi as well as being taken to other pottery towns close by. One of my highlights was being taken to the Seto-Hongyu kiln to see a very old noribigama kiln in Seto.

As others have mention, time does go very fast in a month time that its best to have a rough plan of what you make to make the most of your time at HO-CA. It is truly such a great program that I highly recommended it to anyone who is considering it.

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