Terms and Conditions

Inbound, Ltd. (hereafter “the Company”) determines the following as the terms and conditions of use of the sites “Explore Japanese Ceramics” (“EJC”) and “Buy Japanese Ceramics” (“BJC”) which are managed by the Company.

Article 1 Definitions
The following words are defined as follows when used in these terms and conditions.
1.”EJC” and “BJC” are sites managed over the internet for the purpose of providing and publishing information regarding custom-ordered tours or arranged tours which are focused on ceramics and related goods and services, etc.
2.”User” is a person who is accessing “EJC” or “BJC”.
3.”The services” is a general term for services provided by the Company to persons using “EJC” or “BJC” based on these terms and conditions.

Article 2 Scope of Terms and Conditions and Variations Thereto, etc.
1.These terms and conditions are applied between users and the Company as manager of “EJC/BJC”, and these terms and conditions shall be applied in good faith related to use of the services by a user.
2.The Company shall deem access to “EJC/BJC” by a user or use of the services such as downloading, use or perusal of the contents or information as agreement to these terms and conditions.
3.Individual terms and conditions separately stipulated by the Company pursuant to the notices of the services or other methods and additional terms and conditions notified to a user from time to time by the Company shall form a part of these terms and conditions. When there is a difference between these terms and conditions and those separate or additional terms and conditions, those separate or additional terms and conditions shall prevail.
4.The Company may vary these terms and condition by notification to a user through a method at its own discretion or by notice on “EJC/BJC” without obtaining the prior consent of the user.

Article 3 Handling of Personal Information
Personal information of user acquired by the Company in relation to use of the services shall be used and managed in accordance with the “EJC/BJC” Privacy Policy.

Article 4 Responsibility for Management of Personal Authentication Information
1.When a user uses an email address or other sign, etc. in the use of the services, such address or sign, etc. shall be information sufficient for recognition of the right for the provision of service to the user or other additional services, and in these terms and conditions, both terms shall be called “individual authentication information”.
2.A user shall not allow a third party the right to use the services subject to the condition of their own individual authentication information and shall not use in common with a third party or grant any license to a third party.
3.A user shall bear all responsibility related to management of individual authentication information. The Company shall bear no responsibility at all, irrespective of the presence or absence of willful negligence by the user, with respect to damage accruing to the user by reason of use of the individual authentication information of the user by a third party.

Article 5 Use of “EJC/BJC”
A user shall apply for use of respective services according to the method prescribed by the Company. A user shall transmit accurate data and a photograph as part of the details of the application.

Article 6 Prohibitions
A user shall not perform the following acts.
1.Acts such as the input or declaration of false details during use.
2.Acts entailing a risk of impeding the management of the services or other damage to the services.
3.Acts such as use of the services by unlawful use of a credit card.
4.Acts causing trouble, prejudice or damage to the Company or a third party, or acts entailing a risk of same.
5.Acts damaging the privacy, human rights or intellectual property such as the copyrights of the Company or a third party, or acts entailing a risk of same.
6.Acts contrary to public order and morality, or other acts in contravention of law or regulation or acts entailing a risk of same.
7.Other acts which may be determined by the Company to be slanderous to the trust in the Company or a third party.

Article 7 Measures for Prohibition of Use
When a user commits an act falling within any one of the items in Article 6 above, the Company can apply measures for prohibition of use of the services of the Company by the user.

Article 8 Types and Details of the Services
The types and details of the services may be increased or decreased or varied as required at the sole discretion of the Company and such notification may be performed by notification to a user by notice on “EJC/BJC” or by other method determined as suitable by the Company.

Article 9 Copyright
1.Copyright related to text, images, videos, sounds, programs or other content as appearing on “EJC/BJC” or provided with respect to the services are the property of the Company, travel service providers such as hotels, or business entities providing information related to ceramics. Use exceeding the scope provided for under the Copyright Act, etc. is prohibited in the absence of prior permission of the copyright holder.
2.In the event of a problem arising with respect to a contravention of the above paragraph, the problem shall be solved by the user as their responsibility with the user bearing associated costs without the Company suffering any trouble or damage.

Article 10 Termination of the Services
The Company under the following circumstances may terminate the whole or a part of the services without prior notification to a user.
1.For the periodic maintenance or emergency maintenance of the system.
2.Acts of damages resulting from fire, power supply failure or the acts of third parties, or when the operation of the system is difficult due to damage resulting from a natural disaster.
3.Such other circumstances in which the Company determines that it is required to maintain or improve the services.

Article 11 Disclaimers
Transactions between a user and a business such as a hotel by way of the services shall be determined between the user and the business such as a hotel and the Company shall not bear any responsibility except in the case of willful or gross negligence by the Company.

Article 12 Other
In the event of legal proceeding related to the use of the services, the parties agree that the first court of exclusive jurisdiction to hear the proceedings shall be the Tokyo District Court.

End of Document

Last update: July 07, 2010
Dated February 10, 2010
Inbound, Ltd.