Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Inbound, Ltd. which manages “Explore Japanese Ceramics” (“EJC”) and “Buy Japanese Ceramics” (“BJC”) recognizes the importance of the personal information of our clients and has implemented the following initiatives related to the handling personal information for the purpose of enabling our clients to use our services in security.

We strive for suitable protection of personal information by performing sufficient training of staff handling personal information and instituting regulation related to the handling of information (“personal information”) of individual clients.

When collecting personal information from clients, we collect personal information within a required range after informing the client of the purpose of use and the relevant contact details at our company.

Client personal information is used within the scope of that purpose, is managed using suitable methods and, in the absence of specified circumstances, is not provided or disclosed to a third party without the consent of the client.

Client personal information is maintained in an accurate and up-to-date manner and measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, tampering or leakage, etc. of personal information.

When commissioning the processing of individual information to an external party, our company performs appropriate management and supervision with rights and duties under contract to avoid leakage or redistribution of such information.

When handling personal information on behalf of partners, strict management is in place which is the same as the management of our clients’ personal information and use is limited to the scope of the contract.

When a client wants to correct or confirm their personal information, they should contact the relevant person at our company for a prompt response within a reasonable timeframe.

We comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the personal information retained by our company and we maintain and improve our protection activities and initiatives with respect to each prescribed obligation.

*Personal information is information (including information that by itself does not allow identification but can be used in association with other information to identify an individual) such as a name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. which is collected at a website managed by our company.

Contact for Enquiries related to the Handling of Personal Information at our Company
Inbound, Ltd  Personal Information Section
2-57 Hara-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0053

Our website includes pages using a technology termed “Cookies”. A cookie is a small-scale data sent to the browser of a client from a web-server which is stored as a file in the client’s computer. The web-server can identify the client’s computer by referring to the cookie, and in this way, our clients can use the project website in a more efficient manner.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
Our company’s website applies “SSL” to protect client personal information. Since personal information input by clients such as name, address or telephone number is automatically encrypted for sending or receipt when using a browser security-function compliant with browsers such as Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, even in the unlikely event that such data is sent to a third party, there is no risk that the details can be misappropriated.

Public announcement based on “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”

We make the following announcements based on “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (hereafter “the Act”).

1.Items related to Announcements related to the Purpose of Use of Personal Information
(1)Purpose of Use when Acquiring Personal Information (the Act, Article 18(1)).
Our company handles personal information obtained either directly from a client or indirectly from a partner within the following scope of purpose of use. However when receiving information directly from a client, the following do not apply when separate purpose of use is stated or circumstances within the scope of (2) or (3) below. No alteration to personal information is performed by our company in the absence of client agreement.
[Purpose of Use of Personal Information by our Company]
Information about the provision of “EJC/BJC” and other use services
Guide for information related to new services or campaigns
Requests for Questionnaire
(2)Acquisition pursuant Merger of other Succession to Business (the Act, Article 23(4-2)
Currently personal information is not acquired by way of merger, demerger, or succession to a business.
(3)Items related to the “common use” (the Act, Article 23(4-3) and (the Act, Article 23(5))
Currently “common use” of personal information is not conducted.

2.”Provision to Third Parties” of Personal Information (the Act, Article 23(4) and (3)
Our company performs suitable management of personal information acquired from clients and, other than for the purpose of collection, does not use such information outside of the purpose which is stated in advance. Unless the client’s prior agreement is given, no provision or disclosure is made to a third party. However the following circumstances are excluded.
Circumstances provided for at Law
-In the event of the necessity for the protection of life, person or property, and it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the client.
-When there is a particular necessity for the maintenance of healthy development of children or the improvement of public hygiene, and it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the client.
-When cooperation is required with respect to a matter performed by a national authority, regional governmental body or person commissioned to perform acts therefor who is acting under a legal obligation pursuant to law or regulation, and there is a risk of impediment to the performance of the legal obligation resulting from the acquisition of the agreement of the client.

3.Items to be instituted for the “Awareness of Relevant Persons” in relation to the “Protection of Individual Data” (the Act, Article 24(1)).
Our company replies without delay to enquiries from a client regarding personal information acquired from the client. Please use the following contact details for enquiries related to the “Retained Personal Data” by our company
Inbound, Ltd  Personal Information Section
2-57 Hara-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0053

4.Items related to “Procedures Meet Requests for Disclosure and Others” (the Act, Article 29)
Our company response to request for the disclosure, variation or cessation of use, etc. of retained personal data from either the person in question or their agent. Furthermore as a result of disclosure, in the event of an error in the personal information, we will suitably revise or delete any such information or take other actions therefore.
(1)When making a Request for Disclosure, Variation or Cessation of Use, etc.
When requesting disclosure, variation or cessation of use, etc., please contact the relevant contact at our company stated above.
*Please download the documents below and print them out for use.
Documents here
(2)Documents (format) , etc. to be Presented for “a request for disclosure and others ”
For “a request disclosure and others”, please fill in all necessary items on the application form of our company and mail one copy together with a copy of an identification document (copy of drivers license, passport or ID document).
(3)”A request for disclosure and others” by an Agent
When the person making “a request for disclosure and others” is minor, a legal representative or an agent acting a commission of the client, please enclosure the following documents in addition to the documents outlined above.
A.Legal Representative
Official documents evidencing the relationship of the person in question to the agent (one copy)
B.Agent acting under Commission
Power of Attorney signed by person in question (one copy)
(4)Method of Responding to “a request for disclosure and others”
We will reply to any request in writing.
(5)”Purpose of Use” of Personal Information Acquired by Request for Disclosure and others
Personal information which is acquired by reason of a request for disclosure and others will be handled only within the necessary scope requested by the disclosure and others. Documents which are filed pursuant to the request will be retained for two years after the completion of the answer to the request for disclosure and others, and then it will be destroyed.
*Reasons for Non-disclosure of “Retained Personal Data”
We will not disclose personal information in any of the following circumstances. When a decision not to disclose has been made, we will notify you to that effect together with the reason therefor.
-When the person in question cannot be identified due to reason of the address stated on the documents for confirmation of the address and person as stated on the application does not correspond with the registered address at our company
-When the agency cannot be confirmed when an application is made by an agent
-When there are omissions in the required application documents
-When there is a risk of damage to the life, person or property, or other rights or interests of the person in question or a third party
-When there is a risk of conspicuous damage to the suitable performance of duties by our company
-When it is otherwise contrary to law or regulation

5.Items related to Contact for “Complaints” (the Act, Article 24(1)(4), Regulations Article 5, the Act, Article 31)
(1)When making a complaint related to the handling of personal information
When making a complaint related to the handling of personal information by our company, please contact the relevant contact at our company stated above. However we ask for your understanding with respect to the fact that applications are not received by attendance at our offices.
(2)Contact for Complaints and the name of the “authorized personal information protection organization” to which our company belongs
Currently our company does not belong to an authorized personal information protection organization.