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About “Explore Japanese Ceramics”

We urge you to visit Japan at least once to experience the culture of Japanese ceramics.

Each country in the world has its unique ceramics culture. However we believe that the culture of ceramics in Japan is characterized by world-leading advanced techniques. Japan is unique within the cultures of the world and “Japanese ceramics culture” has been nurtured within that context. Our ceramics culture has fostered both a unique world view and a range of techniques which are applied to the smallest details. Everyday life in Japan is certainly not ornate and has developed an aesthetic which is refined through wabi and sabi.

In Japan, we also have the proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words”. By all means, we hope that you will experience a trip to Japan at least once. Your understanding of Japanese ceramics will be deepened by coming into direct contact with Japan, experiencing the ambience of local regions and by hands-on experience. A multitude of experiences during your stay and meeting local people will be certain to give you a vivid and memorable experience.

We are professionals in the area of Japanese ceramics tours. We use our network of famous production sites, artists and firing kilns throughout Japan to provide a basic ceramics-oriented tour which is not available through other tour companies. We also have specializations in providing experiences in aspects of Japanese culture in addition to ceramics and can arrange tours focusing on Tea Ceremony, Bonsai and various traditional crafts. Our trip to Japan will be an unforgettable wonderful experience. An enjoyable holiday in Japan awaits you.

Who we are

We are a Japanese company and provide you unforgettable pottery tours in Japan.

Since February 2010, we have devoted ourselves to providing real and deep cultural travel to Japan under a vision of ‘Introduce Japanese brilliant cultures we can boast to, and invite people from all over the world.’, and as our very first service, we have re-launched ‘Explore Japanese Ceramics’, a travel service focusing on Japanese ceramics, one of the most beautiful Japanese cultures.

As a unique and professional company, we proudly organize personalized pottery tour for you, with a concrete confidence and creditability.
We hope to be your travel planner, and provide you unforgettable pottery tours to Japan.

Company Profile

Name: Inbound, Ltd.
Major Business Areas: Planning and arranging cultural tours in Japan
Date of Establishment: 04 Nov 2003
Head Office: 2-57 Haramachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0053, Japan
CEO: Masateru Nagamine