Testimonial #38

Customer: Female from Hong Kong
Program: 29-day Pottery Making with Guidance in Tajimi
Message from our customer:
HO-CA, it is an excellent pottery workshop. All people I met here are nice, kind and helpful. They always welcome to share their experiences to me and willing to help me. I feel so comfortable during my stay.Shibata sensei, an great artist. I was thankful to meet Sensei in year of 2015. He is so patient to teach me everything. He always observe my ability and then plan the best course for me. During the course, Sensei had fully explored my talent for pottery and my passion for art. I get a wonderful sense of achievement which encourage me to continue the study of pottery.During my stay, I didn’t worry anything because Sensei arranged everything for me even in weekend. Even though I don’t know Japanese, Sensei always try his best to talk with me by English which I really appreciated.

Naoko-san, a volunteer of translation, she is a great women. Naoko-san not only help me to communicate with Sensei, she also take care of my daily life. She teach me cook, always buy me food, take me to shopping, go gallery with me and share her life experience with me.

Yumiko-san, a volunteer, too. Yumiko-san always take care of me in weekend to go to the gallery, museum, concert and dinner…..

It is thankful to meet all the people in Tajimi. I will definitely back to Tajimi in the year of 2016 because my pottery study has just begin.

Best regards, Kate

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