Testimonial #39

Customer: Female from Turkey
Program: Advanced 11-day pottery making in Tokoname
Message from our customer:
I had only 11 days to stay in Tokoname, and I used all days very efficiently thanks to both Mr. Manabu Hasagewa, the director of the Kyouei Gama Pottery; and especially to Mr. Kouichiro Takeuchi – the School Manager. We made firing schedule at the very first day, and followed everything in plan- all was very successful. I tried 3 different clays, Shigaraki White, white Mix (with porcelain) and porcelain. We fired in gas kiln, also tried Saggar box firing, for 3 of the clay samples. I have used more than 30 different glazes, from traditional Japanese glaze set, to a set Kyouei-Gama gallery has prepared newly. I was able to purchase glaze in powder format – so I’ll continue my tests at home with my electrical kiln!

Mr. Kouichiro had enormous expertise he happily shared, and stayed for very long hours just to honour my tight schedule – I’m deeply thankful for all! We have made loading and firing together, it was like we were working together in the past 30 years, though I can not speak any Japanese word 😉 I wish I had more time and could stay longer to appreciate all possibilities of the magnificent studio, the people, and local clays, more traditional glazes (like ash glaze). I sincerely hope for the next time!

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