Testimonial #35

Customer: Male from Singapore
Program: 15-day pottery making in Tajimi
Message from our customer:
Tajimi is a very charming little town not too far away from Nagoya. The apartment is attached to the studio (studio on ground floor, and apartment on the second). It is located just about a short fifteen minutes bicycle ride from the station, with easy access to different supermarkets. There is an onsen not too far from the studio, as well as a beautiful temple.It was great to be able to concentrate and practice nothing but pottery for (nearly) three weeks there. It has never been possible (because I have no studio space in Singapore, and I have a day job to upkeep). The other students in the studio are also very kind. They often shared their lunches, as well as tips on pottery-making.

It was also a very good base to pick up basic Japanese. Sensei is the interesting character there. He is very accommodating to all types and style of ceramic ware, and he is a master at what he does.

I hope to be able to take some time off to visit the studio again soon.

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