Testimonial #34

Customer: Female from Singapore
Program: 30-day pottery making in Seto
Message from our customer:
Hello to my friends at Kitagama Kasen
My extended time of 40 days at Kasen in October 2013 gave me firstly, an insight into working in a positive and productive environment with the excellent management of Sensei Hiroshige Kato and his talented and efficient assistants Kaori-San and Kuniaki-San and secondly the culture of ceramics in the daily life of a Japanese family.
I gained new information to improve my techniques and a lasting memory of the gracious hospitality of Motoko-san and family.
The studio is well lit and has a good working ambience with much activity from visitors and attendees of the One-Day Challenge pottery experience, adding to my having an interesting time in Akazu.
Seto is picturesque and unspoilt and one of the best places to learn about ceramics. Thank you for a wonderful experience and I hope I can visit again.
love and warmest wishes from Kat. Singapore
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