Testimonial #15

Customer: Finnish/Female
Program: 30-day pottery making in Seto
Message from our customer:
I had the pleasure of spending one month in Kitagama Kasen in Seto to study Japanese pottery. I was a beginner in pottery when I arrived in Seto. I had learned pottery in evening classes during a couple of years and tried wheel throwing only twice. In Kasen, I was able to develop my skills and I was happy with the progress I made.

The pottery master and the trainees were quite busy with their work but they were really kind and had time to help me when I needed. There was also a nice habit in the studio to have two relaxed tea breaks together every day. I had my own room with private kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The room was cosy and I felt like home in Kasen.

Seto was a small and peaceful town. Kasen is situated in Akazu area with many interesting pottery studios and at least during the pottery festival it was easy to walk around the area and visit them. There is also one park and one temple nearby worth to visit. Nevertheless, the best way to spend free time is to have dinner together with the people you will meet.

Special Thanks to N.H.

 Testimonial #15 - 30-day pottery making in Seto Testimonial #15 - 30-day pottery making in Seto Testimonial #15 - 30-day pottery making in Seto