Testimonial #14

Customer: American/Female
Program: 30-day pottery making in Arita
Duration: 2013/1/07-2013/2/05
Message from our customer:
Norito Sensei was a great teacher, and he taught me how to make Arita style ceramic ware. He has been very patient with me, when he was teaching how to throw ceramic. I had a great opportunity to be his assistant at the senior housing, and I enjoyed teaching ceramic to the seniors with him. Norito Sensei invited me to eat soba many times, and it was very delicious.Norito Sensei’s wife was kind and sweet to me, and she took me hiking around Arita. She helped me packed my ceramic wares, and the packing was secured. She prepared my last meal in Arita, and it was very delicious. I would get a break in the afternoon class, so she brought tea and sweets for every one at the studio. I missed tea time with Norito Sensei, his wife, and visitors, because I like Japanese tea and sweets. Also I enjoyed the conversations with everyone in Arita, and I learned a lot about Arita culture through different people.

Ms. MT was very kind to me, when I was in Arita. She took me to the Kyushi museum, kilns, toastmaster, shopping and dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. M took me to the kaolin deposits in Arita, lunch, hot spring, and shopping.

Ms. EU was nice to me, and she took me to a jazz cafe, Doug. She invited me to seafood bbq, and her friends’ birthday parties. At one of the birthday party, I met the Mr. H, and he is the manger of Saikai Toki. He showed me around Saikai Toki, and he told me about the history of ceramic in the Saga areas.

Ms. YH and Ms. HF took me to Imari, and I enjoy it very much. I really like Choshun-gama(長春窯), because I like celadon on porcelain. We went to the Fire God Shrine in Imari, and it was located in a small hill.

Unfortunately, I had a hard time communicating with my translator, Mr. TH, because he said that he can not understand my English. He kept asking me to speak correct English, and I found it to be irritating. I could not focus only on my ceramic study, because I was very frustrated that he can not translate for me. I would appreciate if Ms. MT was my translator, because I can communicate with her easily.

The house was fine, except the water heating was not very good. The water was either too hot or too cold. I enjoyed the two cats, and they were very adorable. I was fine with them being in the house, although I am cautious about sanitary.  When they jumped into the kitchen sink or go into the shower room, I did not like it.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Arita, and I want to go back there maybe in the summer time.

Special Thanks to L.L.

Testimonial #14 – 30-day pottery making in Arita Testimonial #14 – 30-day pottery making in Arita Testimonial #14 – 30-day pottery making in Arita Testimonial #14 – 30-day pottery making in Arita