Testimonial #13

Customer: Filipino/Female
Program: 30-day pottery making in Seto
Duration: 2012/8/06-2012/9/04
Message from our customer:
My month-long stay in Seto is one of my most unforgettable life experiences. The Kasen family, Kato-Sensei, his two apprentices, and his mother were all very welcoming and treated me like family. I have no words to describe their kindness and generosity. Seto is a beautiful quiet place with very friendly people. I went there in the summer and I loved waking up to clear blue skies with the mountains on the horizon. You won’t get tired of seeing so much beauty.I am an amateur ceramist and have always dreamed of having my own studio. Staying at Kitagama Kasen helped me develop my skills further as a potter and witness first hand how a pottery studio is managed. Everything is very organic. Kato-Sensei and his apprentices make everything by hand: from the ceramic tableware, their tools, all the way to the shelves they use to display their products. They patiently answered my questions and attentively watched me practice to monitor my technique.

If you’re looking for more in-depth learning of clay and pottery I highly recommend joining the 30-day Pottery Stay. When you do join, make the most out of it. Visit as many artists as you can (they are all over Seto!), museums, exhibits, and of course don’t forget to try out the local delicacies.

Special Thanks to J.L.

Testimonial #13 – 30-day pottery making in Seto Testimonial #13 – 30-day pottery making in Seto