Testimonial #53

Participant from Ireland
Program: 28-day Pottery Making in Seto – With Guidance
Start date: 4th Jan 2023

Personally for me I found it invaluable. It went beyond expectations. I learnt so much within the first week! Kato Hiroshige, sensei was great to learn from and observe…..professional, full of life, approachable, comfortable to ask questions, giving of his time and knowledge, good fun. Good taste in music!
Excellent experience of a working pottery studio, efficiency, making tools and molds, great use of space, how he managed his time was a great lesson! He is very inspiring. Even learning how to pack pottery efficiently with Sonoko-san! went from being able to throw 8 saveanle pieces in a day if lucky, nothing remotely looking the same size or shape and centering over 2kg was a nope for me to now being able to make around 15 mugs in a morning and looking the same….ish!!
Now can comfortably center 4kg clay! I’ve rearranged the pottery studio to be better functioning. He did a really good talk on his glazes….very giving of information. His apprentice was excellent, patient, knowledgeable and a bright wee star! Very helpful and she has given me anyway the inspiration and confidence to experiment with glazes.
When the course was finished, I was so excited to go back home to work 9n on ideas and get making! The studio is in a excellent location, lots to see and do! Seto to a lovely place to explore. Overall very inspiring. I hope to return.