Testimonial #49

Customer: Male from Singapore
Program: 30-day Pottery Making in Seto – Without Guidance
Message from our customer:
I greatly enjoyed my one month stay in Seto. I was looking forward to experience and learn more about Japanese ceramics and I was not disappointed to see the techniques used to make tableware and color with decades old glaze recipes.
Sensei with his assistant and Motoko-san were most hospitable and made my stay a rather comfortable one.
Choosing November to go to Seto was not a coincidence for me. I planned for it to coincide with the Seto ceramic trail (open house weekend) and the Nagoya Dome Ceramic fair (a one week event featuring works from all over Japan).
However, it has its downside as Sensei was rather busy and understandably had to be away from the studio.
Having said that, Sensei was kind to arrange for two high firing for us using both gas reduction and electric oxidation. I am rather please with the outcome.
I would recommend such workshops to anyone interested in pottery, be it a beginner or a potter with a few years of experience. You will never regret it.
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