Tokoname Ware: Characteristics

In the Tokoname region, approximately 900 years after the end of the Heian Era, Tokoname Ware, instead of dying out, continued to be made as everyday goods.
Considered to be one of the “6 Ancient Kilns” of Japan; even on that scale, Tokoname is given great respect.

The earth of the Tokoname region was often transported to be used to create large structures, so through the Heian and Kamakura Eras, Tokoname pots and jars had already been carried and used throughout Japan. At the end of the latter half of the 19th century, tea utensils, flowerpots, terracotta building materials, ceramic carvings, tiles, earthen pipes, and other architectural forms of ceramics were built in great numbers.

At present, Tokoname is an area which produces a wide range of pottery of varying sizes from architectural ceramics such as outdoor tiling to everyday tableware to tea utensils.

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Article by Tokoname City Tourist Association

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