Tokoname – History

Large Tokoname urns dating back to Kyoto circa 1100 AD were discovered at several historic sites at a time when it had been thought that the techniques behind Tokoname Ware had been complete and the product route to Kyoto had been finished. The kilns of Tokoname were quite large in number and scale and so a complete assessment has yet to be completed.

However, in places like the relics of Kamakura lumberyards and the ruins of Hiraizumi in Sendai, a great amount of Tokoname pots has been unearthed which hints at the possibility that a production area of grand scale had been established. Since the 19th century, the techniques of building large objects have been applied to the manufacturing of architectural ceramics such as earthen pipes and these have had a great influence on modern-day architecture.

In the latter half of the 20th century, Shudei teapots have been produced in great numbers in Tokoname. When the name Tokoname is mentioned, the image of these teapots may come to mind but Shudei is just one type of the many kinds of Tokoname Ware that exists.

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Article by Tokoname City Tourist Association

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