Testimonial #46

Customer: Female from India
Program: 30-day Pottery Making in Seto – With Guidance
Message from our customer:
I had opted for the pottery course in Seto because I wanted to learn about japanese method of working.
I had a wonderful experience being at the Kasen studio from seeing how the studio works, visiting ceramic meuseums in Seto and Tajimi to meeting other highly experienced artists who openly and humbly shared their ideas and techniques. a big thank you to Sensei, Motoko-san and Megumi-san to make this a memorable and warm experience.
The facilities are quaint and warm.
I would recommend this to anybody who wants to undertand the working of a pottery studio from end to end.
Testimonial #46 Testimonial #46 Testimonial #46 Testimonial #46 Testimonial #46