Testimonial #41

Customer: Female from Switzerland / Female from Germany
Program: 16-day Pottery Making in Tajimi – Without Guidance
Message from our customer:
I stopped working 4 years ago and decided to pick up pottery again after 25 years. 2 years ago after a trip to China I took a course on wheel throwing an ever since I am very passionate to work on the potter’s wheel. Obsessed with ceramics I read a lot about Japanese ceramics. And one day I decided to visit Japan and try to work in a traditional Japanese studio. Thanks to Explore Japanese Ceramics I found this wonderful studio in Tajimi with sensei Seturo Shibata. As I also wanted to travel in Japan, there was not too much time. But the 14 days of work in the Home of Clay Arts in Tajimi was a wonderful experience. I had the possibility to work on my own, but sensei guided us and asked us to make cylinders every day. Out of 1 kg of clay we had to make a cylinder of 20cm. This was quite a challenge. After 3 days he showed us how to make teapots. Another challenging task. Sensei Shibata also helped us glazing our works with different glazes. He is such a warm and friendly man. I appreciated his guidance a lot and learned new skills. Thanks to Naoko, one of his students who speaks perfectly well English, we had no problem to communicate. Sensei, Naoko, and the students were so kind to us, we felt very comfortable. It was a wonderful, unforgettable experience.
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