Testimonial #27

Customer: Female from Singapore
Program: 22-day pottery making in Tajimi
Message from our customer:
Japanese pottery has always been interesting to me because there is a sense of unique spirit in them which makes for an interesting connection between the potter and the user. I was very happy when I could spend 3 weeks in Tajimi at HOCA with Shibata sensei and his wonderful students.

Sensei pays attention to details which helps a beginner like me improve my techniques and he is always open to teach whatever that I would like to learn, as long as there is sufficient time. His students are also very warm and friendly and I made many new friends. They have also kindly helped me with translation between English-Japanese.

I love being in Tajimi, which is a beautiful town especially in spring with sakura trees blossoming everywhere! It is also a potter’s paradise with lots of museums and history behind this place of mino wares. It is very convenient to get around as sensei provides an electric bicycle and it is such a joy to cycle around and explore around.

I would highly recommend coming here especially in Spring or Autumn when the weather is great. I am so inspired by my stay here that I will now return to Singapore to focus on pottery on a full-time basis!

Testimonial #27 - 22-day pottery making in Tajimi Testimonial #27 - 22-day pottery making in Tajimi Testimonial #27 - 22-day pottery making in Tajimi