Mino – Potter

Kato Takuo (born 1918)

Takuo Kato, who was the eldest son in a family for the venerable Koubei Kilns, was attracted by Persian ceramics on a trip to Iran while he was a student in Finland during the postwar period. He underwent through a lot of hardship as he experienced excavations in the desert, but succeeded in reproducing a mysterious ceramic that had been stopped after the 18th century called lusterware. Kato was also involved in the effort to restore the Sanshoin’s sancai ceramics as well as accomplishing the sancai method. In 1995, he became a Living National Treasure.

Suzuki Kura (born 1935)

From the age of 24, Suzuki devoted himself to Shino Ware, and in 1994, at the age of 59, he was designated as a Living National Treasure. Suzuki broadened Shino’s possibilities of Japan’s aesthetic sense, and is known as the artisan who gave new life to contemporary Shino Ware. Basing his ideas on the saying, “Pottery’s history is the history of technique”, he directly adopted new techniques, and magnanimously communicated a healthy Shino Ware. Suzuki continues to create works rich in spirit.

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