30-day Pottery Making in Tajimi – Without Guidance

All the available slots for this course has been filled. We will announce about 2019 courses in mid-November 2018.

Also a 30-day program but designed to practice pottery at your own pace. This program is perfect for those who would like to make daily-use pottery items using some traditional glazes. As being one of the leading localities of ceramics, there are many ceramic stores, galleries, and museums in Tajimi, which we believe may serve as a source of inspiration for creating your artwork!

Suitable for:
Intermediate and advanced
Those who would like to make pottery at own pace
Those who would like to use counter-clockwise potter’s wheel

Tour price per 1 person: 170,000 JPY (effective until December 31, 2018)
The price includes:
– Facility/tools use
– Materials (clay, glazes etc)
– Gas Kiln Use & Firing Fee (Includes Biscuit Firing x1 and Glost Firing x1)
– And Free 29 nights of Accommodation (*You will stay in the room adjoining the pottery studio.)
The price does NOT include:
– Transportation fee to/from the studio
– Meals
– Packing service, Delivery service, etc.
Pottery facility: HO-CA [Home of Clay Art] (in Tajimi city, Gifu prefecture) [Web / Photos / Access]
Minimum participants: 1 person
Length of stay:
minimum 21 days / maximum 30 days

Request for Customizing:
In addition to our standard plan, we can also customize your stay to better fit your needs, such as reducing it below 30 days. If you have a particular request, let us know by clicking on the button below.

Tour Start Date: Any day.Please tell us your preferred start date. [Current availability]
Booking limit: 30 days prior to the tour start date
Payment limit:
– Advance payment of 10% of total tour cost must be deposited within 7 days of receiving a tentative confirmation (Refundable).
– Full payment must be completed 30 days prior to the tour start date.
Payment method we accept: Paypal, Credit Card, Bank transfer, International postal money order
Cancellation fee (Based on Japan time):
– 30 days to 15 days prior to the tour start date: 30% of the tour price
– 14 days to 1 day prior to the tour start date: 50% of the tour price
– Cancellation on the tour start date: 100% of the tour price (No refunds)

About Guidance:
Please note that this program does not include any step-by-step instruction from the pottery master. However, the pottery master will be available to you upon request if you need any assistance or advice. If you are seeking holistic guidance, we recommend you take the 30-day Pottery Making in Seto – With Guidance.

About the Potter’s Wheel
Please note that we turn the potter’s wheel clockwise in Japan. When you need the pottery master’s demonstration and advice, he will use the potter’s wheel clockwise.

About firing:
– You will use a gas kiln of 55cm x 60cm x 60cm.
– Your works will be fired together with other items when the studio fires the kiln on their regular schedule, therefore you can not specify the firing method. Also, please understand that there may be some limitations in terms of sizes and numbers of items to be fired.
– For the firing schedule, please arrange the schedule with the potter in advance.

About the accommodation:
We have two types of room for you to select from. The rooms are located near the pottery studio. Each room is equipped with a bed, small kitchen, fridge and a shower room. Free Wi-fi available.
Room Types
– Type A: Located next to the studio. Has two single-sized beds. Shared washing machine and restroom.
– Type B: 5-minute walk from the studio. Has a single-sized bed and a private restroom. Shared washing machine.

About the meals:
You can use the kitchen in your room. The studio owner will tell you where the nearest grocery store is.

The studio owner speaks rudimentary English, but he is well accustomed to taking care of non Japanese people, as they have accepted quite a lot of guests from all over the world.

A Message from the Pottery Owner
30-day pottery making in Tajimi
Many visitors including pottery artists from across Japan and overseas enjoy taking part in our pottery workshop since we started the workshop in Tajimi, a land of Mino ware.
New accommodation “Home of Clay art” has recently been built next to our studio. We are looking forward to your visit, to Japan, and to Tajimi!

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